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Sarah Jane Evans MW, one of the six new consultants.The six new consultants will examine the DO’s proposals, which aim to highlight “the quality, differentiation, origin and prestige of Cava”.

3rd June, 2019 by Arabella Mileham The English sparkling wine industry needs to adopt a more coherent approach to production and supply in order to grow sustainably, industry experts have warned.A bespoke English sparkling wine vinyard planted with Pinot Noir at harvest time, Following the announcement of a bumper crop last year, some industry experts db has spoken to have voiced concern over the potential lack of coordination in the fledgling wine industry.

Now, Vivino, and similar apps such as Plonk, have democratised wine and have experts nervously eyeing their CVs for other options.The wine scanner feature enables users to check the price of a wine, and compare ratings and prices.